Thursday, January 31, 2019

21 Cat Posts From This Week That'll Make You Purr In Delight

"Happy Friday!" — All of these cats, probably.

1. This week, this cat got innovative with where they wanted to relax:

3. This one discovered the floor was heated and, well, this happened:

U/Silopante / Via

4. The internet saw what is, perhaps, the most beautiful cat in the world:

5. This cat actually finds water relaxing (???):

Embedded video

Happy took my cat in the warm 100 degree hot tub for the first time and I’m pretty sure he found it soothing. What do you think?

6. This guy was honestly just tuckered the heck out:

U/brohymn85 / Via

7. This loyal feline wanted to promote their mom's book:


8. This one wasn't in the mood for their human's games:

U/Dahleyyer / Via

9. This cat told us all to not mess with Texas:

10. This one was willing to do anything to keep their couch:

    11. These two simply couldn't be awakened from their slumber:

U/bobdylan401 / Via

12. Millie didn't quit understand the concept of her new toy:

Instagram: @oddcatethel

13. Monty had an extremely, extremely productive Saturday:

Instagram: @monty_happiness

14. This one couldn't contain their excitement for their trip to the vet:

U/cmbyd / Via

15. This curious critter wanted to know what was going on outside:

U/fille1444 / Via

    16. This bb wanted to remind you that they're most definitely NOT a vampire:

17. This cat literally has lips:


18. This one took us to another time period:

Embedded video

everyone who makes fun of how cats look in medieval paintings feels very dumb now

19. And this one had their paw READY to crush their drum solo:

21. And these precious babes lived to see another day!!

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